Hove (The Wind)

Palm Springs Film Festival

Posted in Uncategorized by hovethewind on July 15, 2009

Having the World Premiere of “Hove (The Wind)” at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival was just fantastic.  A really wonderfully run festival – thank you to Kathleen McInnis and Darryl Macdonald for making it all happen!

We were in the “Shooting Stars” program and it was a great time slot.  8pm, Saturday night sold out show.  Films by Marc Turtletaub (producer of Little Miss Sunshine), Demi Moore, Courtney Cox and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  We met filmmakers from Australia, Tahiti, Korea, Brazil and many other countries.  The film was received with such admiration and interest.   All the people who were unfamiliar with the Armenian Genocide commented that they were fascinated and wanted to know more.  As the writer and director of the film I could not ask for a better reaction.  One of my goals always with “Hove (The Wind)” was first to tell a good story, an interesting mystery and then to hopefully create questions in the audience and an intense desire to unwrap and solve some of that mystery that the Genocide is (unfortunately)  for many non-Armenians.

It was also wonderful to get to know Palm Springs.  A beautiful landscape, almost lunar – and with unbelievable temperatures.  Usually between 100 and 115 degrees while we were there!Palm Springs World Premiere

(Pictured above from right to left Marc Turtletaub, Shirleyann Kaladjian, Alex Webb and Palm Springs Festival Director Darryl Macdonald)

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