Hove (The Wind)

Facing History Workshop

Posted in Uncategorized by hovethewind on July 31, 2009

On Thursday, July 30, I had the opportunity to join a Facing History workshop with teachers.  This was the first Facing History workshop to use “Hove (The Wind)” as part of the educational materials used to teach the history of the Armenian Genocide.  The response from the teachers was incredible.  They had so many insights and were so appreciative of the film.  I thought we would probably discuss the film for thirty or forty minutes and that would be it.  Two hours later the facilitator, David Schwartz, mentioned that it was time to wrap it up!  

It is my sincerest hope that the film will have a life in the classroom.  Judging from the response of these educators I think it could be a great tool in introducing this complex and intense subject.  The life of a short film is so often the year or two of festivals and then it goes up on the shelf.  Because of the quality of performances, thank you to Olympia and Shirleyann, and the quality of the images, thank you Panavision and Milton Kam!  I think the film can last a really long time in the classroom.  The plan is to make copies available free of charge to Facing History that they can then loan out to teachers for the classroom only.  Already a couple of teachers have inquired about setting up a time where I might come and talk about the film and the Genocide.


Hopefully this is just the beginning of bringing this history to a much wider audience.  Stay tuned!

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