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Back from Montreal!

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The Montreal World Film Festival was amazing.  I had never been to Montreal and it is truly a beautiful city.  The city is really involved in the film festival in a way I had not experienced before.  Many of the streets had banners hanging from them announcing to the city that the festival was happening.


All three screenings of “Hove (The Wind)” were sold out!


I felt very fortunate to have “Hove” paired with an amazing feature film, “Devil’s Town”.


Director Vladimir Paskaljevic paints a funny, shocking, passionate and heartbreaking portrait of many intertwined lives in current day Serbia.  It was interesting because, although the films were very different in many ways, I felt they had common ground in that they both asked the question – Is it possible to step outside your cultural history (in both Serbia and Armenia’s case – violent and tragic) and just be an individual without being pulled down by the weight of this history?  The answer to that will have to come from each audience and each individual.

Montreal has this amazing bike rental system called “BiXi” and you join and then check out a bike anytime you want from hundreds of bike stations around the city and then check them back in at another station near your destination.  IMG_7436

I really enjoyed using them and 24 hours of use of the system whenever I wanted cost around $6!

I had the chance to sit down and talk with a number of filmmakers from Montreal and Toronto and exchange ideas.  It was a fantastic environment and all of us were made to feel very welcome by the festival.

I also had the chance to see a film that was adapted from a play by Austin Pendleton.  Austin was at the festival to see this film for the first time.  “Blind Company” is an amazing story of an embattled uncle and nephew and their struggle to deal with a twisted and long-buried family history.  Austin and I were headed back to New York on the same flight and had a great time talking about theatre, film and mutual friends, future projects etc.  I told Austin that his amazing career mix of playwriting, acting and directing was a model for me in how to live a life in the arts.  He is such a kind, eloquent and talented person.  Here is Austin pictured with Madeline Kahn in “What’s up, Doc?” (one of my favorite movies as a kid).  He told me he did four films with Madeline Kahn!


More to come as I remember and find a moment!

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