Hove (The Wind)

Arpa Film Festival – October 23 – 25

Posted in Uncategorized by hovethewind on January 13, 2010

Sorry my posts have been so absent lately! Much going on.

The Arpa Film Festival was fantastic. Thank you to Alex Kalognomos and Sylvia Minassian for a wonderful experience. Probably the high point for me was to have “Hove” play before the great film “Sonbahar” (Autumn), by the great Hamshen filmmaker, Ozcan Alper. I had an opportunity to meet some very cool Armenian filmmakers including Vem, who has directed a bunch of major music videos as well as film and has got an amazing graphic novel out now called “Hollyvood”, check it out at this link: http://www.hollyvoodsite.com. This graphic novel is the starting point for a film of the same story. Look for it at the multiplexes in the future. Very interesting and bright filmmaker.

It was wonderful that it was held at one of the classic Hollywood movie theatres, The Egyptian. Anytime an event like this is connected with the golden and for me, haunted, past of the great age of Hollywood it is thrilling.

I also got to talk with Marco Khan, the great Armenian (!) character actor that you have seen many times – even if you don’t know it, Pirates of the Caribbean, 2012, Iron Man to name a few. What an imposing physical presence and the guy could not be kinder or gentler.

Continue to work on my bigger, feature length Armenian Genocide project. It is really helpful to bounce some of my plans off of other filmmakers in the Armenian community.

More to come on my visit to the Armenian Library and Museum of America in Watertown, MA.

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