Hove (The Wind)

Korea, Italy, Israel …

Posted in Uncategorized by hovethewind on September 30, 2010

Korea, Italy, Israel … The small stone that is “Hove” continues to make ripples ever wider. I have received inquiries literally from all over the world. I have heard from Festivals inviting “Hove” as well as educational groups, Genocide-prevention organizations and it just keeps coming!

It is really exciting because this means that people, I don’t even know, are now talking to other people around the world and telling them about this film they have seen at a festival or at an educational event – for example “Hove” will screen for as many as 2,000 people at the Middle Eastern Studies Association gathering in Southern California later this year. For a long time I have made huge efforts to get the word out about the history of the Armenian Genocide and our little film but now through the festivals and groups like Facing History the film is doing the work itself. Olympia and Shirleyann’s performances and the lives they created up there on screen are working their own magic around the world. I am so blessed to have been able to finish this project and see it being received like this. Thank you in particular to the Dadourian Foundation, AGBU, Mark Hoplamazian and Haig Ariyan for their efforts on behalf of the film.

I will keep posting to let you know the latest on the film. Thank you for reading!

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